Whiteford, James

James Whiteford

Senior Lecturer - Centre for Microvascular Research

James Whiteford graduated in Applied Biology from King’s College London in 1994 and obtained his PhD from King’s College London in 1998. Following post-doctoral research at Imperial College London and Copenhagen University (Denmark) he joined the Centre for Microvascular Research and was awarded an Arthritis Research UK career development fellowship in 2009. He obtained his Lectureship at the WHRI in 2014, and obtained his Senior Lectureship in 2016.

Summary of Research

Our teams’ research focuses on angiogenesis, which is the process by which new blood vessels are formed from existing ones. Angiogenesis is a critical process in numerous diseases including cancer, diseases of the eye and inflammatory disorders such as Rheumatoid Arthritis. For some years we have been studying the role of the syndecan family of cell surface receptors in new blood vessel formation and inflammation with the aim of discovering therapeutic innovations which can modify this process to improve disease outcomes. We are currently developing a novel therapy for Wet-Age Related macular Degeneration and are also investigating the potential of our reagents as therapies for both arthritis and cancer.

New blood vessels grown in the lab (top left), in the retina (top right) and more magnified (bottom left) and some cultured endothelial cells (bottom right).’
Figure: New blood vessels grown in the lab (top left), in the retina (top right) and more magnified (bottom left) and some cultured endothelial cells (bottom right).’ 

Memberships / Awards

  • Chairman London Matrix Biology Group
  • BSMB Organising Committee Member
  • Editor British Journal of Pharmacology
  • Editor Pharmacology Research and Perspectives
  • Editor Frontiers in Immunology


  • Module Lead on BMD211 Pharmacology and IT BSc Degree Programme
  • BMD175 ‘Research Skills for Pharmacologists’

Members of the Group

  • Dr Giulia De Rossi
  • Dr Samantha Arokiasamy
  • Miss Eugenia Marinelli

Key Publications

For a full list of publist publications click here

Ma, B., Whiteford, J.R., Nourshargh, S. & Woodfin A. “Underlying chronic inflammation alters the profile and mechanisms of acute neutrophil recruitment.” J Pathol. 240 (2016) :291-303. 

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De Rossi, G & Whiteford J.R. “Syndecans in angiogenesis and endothelial cell biology” Biochem Soc Trans. 42 (2014):1643-46.

Kay, E., Garcia Gomez, L., Woodfin, A., Scotland, R.S. & Whiteford, J.R. "Sexual dimorphisms in leukocyte trafficking in a mouse peritonitis model." J Leukoc Biol. 98 (2015): 805-17. 

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De Rossi, G., Evans, A.R., Kay, E., Woodfin, A., McKay, T.R., Nourshargh, S. & Whiteford J.R. “Shed syndecan-2 inhibits angiogenesis.” J Cell Sci. 127 (2014): 4788-99. 

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