Flow Cytometry

The Flow Cytometry Facility at the William Harvey Research Institute provides a state of the art facility to support the important research being carried out at the Institute, within Queen Mary University of London. As well as a number of flow cytometry analysers and cell sorters, the facility also houses an ImageStream X Mk II imaging cytometer and CyTOF2 mass cytometer.

Flow Cytometry is a versatile technique enabling high throughput analysis and cell separation. Using fluorescent proteins, dyes, and fluorescently labelled probes we can perform:

  • cellular phenotyping
  • functional assays
  • cell cycle analysis
  • intracellular protein studies e.g. cytokines and transcription factors
  • RNA quantification, and more.  


All internal users require an iLab account with associated budget code. An account can be created at:

Once this is in place, please contact the facility staff for an induction and training. Unsupervised use will only be permitted after the user can demonstrate their ability to use the machine safely.


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