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Flow Cytometry


Flow Cytometry is a very powerful and flexible technique that allows quick and reliable analysis and separation of large amounts of cells and other substances such as cytokines by tagging them with fluorescent sources. Among the major applications of flow cytometry are multiparametric phenotyping, apoptosis assays and cell cycle and DNA analysis.

The Flow Cytometry Core Facility aim is to provide high quality professional service related to flow cytometric techniques using cutting edge equipment. To achieve this goal, we encourage interaction between users and lab members of the core facility.
Support and training is provided for the use of all analysers, help is provided in experiment design, data interpretation, presentation and troubleshooting. A full sorting service is also provided.



The lab is equipped with four flow cytometers: a Becton Dickinson LSR Fortessa, a Beckman coulter Cyan and two Becton Dickinson FACSCalibur. A Becton Dickinson ARIA II cell sorter is also available.

All analysers are bookable on the online system. Cell sorting must be arranged with a member of the Flow Cytometry lab. In order to sort a risk survey form has to be completed, a copy can be downloaded from here.

Analysers Details

LSR Fortessa:

Equipped whit four lasers: 488 nm blue laser, 561 nm yellow green laser, 641 nm red laser, 405 nm violet laser. The analyser is capable of detecting up to 18 different fluorescent channels simultaneously

Equipped with 3 lasers 488nm blue laser, 640 nm red laser and 405 nm violet laser. Detects FSC SSC and up to 9 different fluorescent channels.

Equipped with a 15mW argon ion laser emitting at 488nm and a 635 nm Red laser. Detects FSC, SSC and up to 4 fluorescence channels.

Equipped with a 15mW argon ion laser emitting at 488nm. Detects forward scatter (FSC), side scatter (SSC) and up to 3 fluorescence channels.

Cell sorter equipped with 4 lasers emitting at 488 nm blue laser, 561nm yellow green laser, 641 nm red laser and 405 nm violet laser, detecting up to 16 different fluorescent channels. The instrument allows the aseptic separation of different cell types, simultaneous four way sort, single cell are available.

Analysis Software:
FlowJo, DIVA 6.2 and CellQuest Pro 5.11 dongles are available for off line data analysis.


New users must contact the service manager for training.
Unsupervised use will only be permitted after the potential user can demonstrate their ability to use the machine safely.

How to book

Online booking service available here. First time users should contact the service manager for login details.


Dr Guglielmo Rosignoli
Flow Cytometry core Facility Manager   Tel. 020 7882 3585






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